What is a Plinth and What Is It Used For?

Marsha Golemac for Melbourne Design Week 2021

What is a plinth?

Some call it a pedestal, and others call it a plinth. Functionally, they serve a similar purpose.

At Kist we design plinths specifically to elevate artworks and products, for promotions and displays.

When asked “what is a plinth?”, this question is often followed with “What do you put on a plinth?”

What is a plinth used for?

How an object looks is comparative to the structural integrity of the design. The placement, the light and space surrounding the object are important considerations when constructing a showcase environment.

By using a plinth to display your products or artworks, you are drawing the product up to eye level, leveraging the light and creating space around the object. It can also create the necessary physical distance from other objects. A valued object, whether functional or aesthetic, can be amplified by utilising a sophisticated pedestal, that does not detract from the attention remaining on the primary focus. You can feature items with tiered mini-plinths, cylindrical or rectangular, and raise it to a level where your customers can’t miss it.

Public event, plinth-seats for Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group

Why should I use a plinth to display my product?

When you create, sell, or promote a product, part of the process is visualising how it can be used or displayed. You spend so much time designing the promotion of the product that sometimes how to display the product becomes a secondary priority.

If you are taking your products to a trade show, working with a similar surrounding to others, how do you make your products stand out? It’s an important consideration. And the type of product that you are selling dictates the type of plinth that is best suited. At Kist Displays we take pride in spending time with our clients to understand what their product is, how it will be used and how it will be seen. We then design custom plinths to highlight products and showcase design features. Often we add in internal drawers, shelves, and doors to add functionality and discrete storage areas for event stock.

A great plinth is not just a one off piece of equipment when made to last. Ideally it is designed with all of the features that you will require, so that it has some versatility and can be used for future projects. Having lockable internal cupboards (for additional stock or personal belongings) is one of the most popular features that we add for clients involved in public events and commercial trade shows.

What impact can a plinth make to an exhibition?

For an artist a plinth takes on a different role. Having spent considerable time creating artworks, it is an essential step of the process to ensure that the display highlights specific angles and features of the work. Having gallery quality pedestals assists with the process of setting the balance between the artworks, the proximity to walls, floors, and ceilings, and give space for the work to stand out and stand alone. Additionally, they can be a way of reducing the visual storyline.

It can be important to consider how you would like your pieces of art to be considered when designing a well suited plinth. Do you want members of the public to walk around your art or only be able to consider it from specific angles?

For instance, a low cylindrical plinth can allow the viewer the best aspects from above. However smaller works can benefit from taller, slender plinths to give them greater presence.

All these items are considered when designing a plinth and a custom solution is integral to highlighting, and most importantly not detracting, from the exhibition. Ideally, the pedestals used can melt into the background and not detract from the main event.

Custom plinths made for promotional photography by Bondi Wash

How do I know which plinth to choose?

Having spent 12 years designing, building, and installing plinths we bring this experience to all of our clients. We listen to your ideas and suggest options for you to consider. We have standard plinth sizes that can be purchased, and we are also able to make a custom display for your product or exhibition.

If you are unsure how best to highlight your item, we can make suggestions on the colour, shape, sizing, internal structure and features, and we can even provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Metal trim display cube, for events, with Specialized

What does a custom plinth mean?

A custom plinth is designed to fit the object, rather than making do with a pre-set or size. Additionally, you can select a specific wood, a particular colour, whether it is matte or stain, and the height x width x depth that you need to fit a specific object. We have a great range of images on our website for you to gain inspiration. You can find them here.

The choice is yours! We make sure the product is created to conveniently suit your project and work with you throughout the whole process so you feel supported and in control.

To find out more information about what we do and how we can help you to create the plinth to highlight your product get in touch with us via our website and fill out the form to set up an obligation free chat to talk through what you need.