Guide to Pop-Up Shop Displays

The option to shop online or in store is ongoing. Yet the rise of pop-up shops has been a game changer for bringing people back to retail streets and shopping centres. Pop-up shops offer a gateway to items that aren’t available everywhere and the shopper knows that accessibility to the items is limited. As a…

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Rethinking Event Displays

Display pedestals for Specialized events

Reusing your displays Now more than ever, businesses are on a budget, and seeking display solutions that can be re-used, and reduce overall budgets. Create a reusable display What does your Brand want to be known for? Style? Humour? Innovative design? Let this be your guiding light Creating engagement for the audience Want people to…

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What is a Plinth and What Is It Used For?

What is a plinth? Some call it a pedestal, and others call it a plinth. Functionally, they serve a similar purpose. At Kist we design plinths specifically to elevate artworks and products, for promotions and displays. When asked “what is a plinth?”, this question is often followed with “What do you put on a plinth?”…

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