How Custom display racks, shelves & cabinets can benefit you

Finding creative ways to use custom display racks, shelves and cabinets in your retail space can increase the traffic to your store, increase the time consumers spend in store as well as drive sales. The display options and finishes you choose will have a large impact on the visibility of products and the ambience created in your store, giving consumers the ultimate brand and shopping experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the custom display racks, shelves, cabinets and the many other options available and how these can be optimised to achieve greater success in your retail business. We will also explore how you can brief your supplier to ensure you create maximum impact while working within your budget to achieve the best outcome, and our top 10 tips to optimise retail experiences for consumers.

Display Racks

These can be custom made to suit specific products in a retail environment. The possibilities are endless when it comes to options for sizing, functionality and display opportunities. Display racks are an ideal way to display items to capture the consumer’s attention as well as showcasing items.

Photo credit: Lauren Fleishmann, Unsplash


The options are endless when it comes to shelving and visual merchandising options. From raw materials to high end glossy finishes and every colour in the spectrum is possible. We allow for adjustable shelving that has holes in the sides that can be adjusted according to requirements of our clients.

Photo credit: Alexis Chloe, Unsplash

Partition Walls

Another creative idea is to include partition walls in that double up as display boards. These are ideal for events at trade expos as well as the retail environments. Partition walls allow you to create a particular flow of traffic, they are easy to move around and can display multiple items when turned into a hook board. We like to place partition walls on castors so that they are easy to transport and can be moved around easily.

Photo credit: Marisa Morton, Unsplash

Book & Magazine Displays

These can be created to suit the space you have available as well as enhance the brand experience. Take into consideration the purpose and functionality, whether this needs to be mobile, has the ability to rotate or does it need to be fixed to a wall? If book and magazine displays are fixed to the wall we consider angles and heights to ensure visibility and accessibility.

Below is an example of a rotating book and magazine display we recently created which aligned to the client’s colour scheme and function requirements in their retail environment.

Customised Cabinets

For example, we recently created a circular table with 2 pull out drawers, which also included a secondary and tertiary display shelves for a jeweller who was on a travelling roadshow around the nation. The customised display unit was mobile and optimised the ability to display premier items on the top shelf while also have the ability to quickly access additional shelves within the unit.

Ply Plinths & Drawers

Ply is such a versatile product for indoors, outdoors and can bend for cylindrical or round display units. It has a natural patterning, with varying colours and grains throughout it so it’s great for a raw look.

We have been producing ply plinths in a variety of sizes and colours including:

  • Premium Birch
  • Marine Grade Birch
  • Radiata Pine
  • Jarrah
  • European Poplar

Here is an example of a radiata pine display unit made for a trade event. It was part of a set of display units, this one included a push-open drawer on runners. This meant there was no need for an external handle, maintaining the simple and clean lines of the plinth and drawer unit.


Vitrines are a specific display cabinet that uses transparent glass or acrylic surfaces. These are generally used to display precious objects for viewing that you don’t want consumers handling without the assistance of a staff member. You may often see these appear in exhibitions, museums, retail stores or restaurants.

Here is an example of a Vitrine we created for a touring exhibition, coordinated by Mackay Artspace. It has a shallow acrylic case that covers the top and sides for full visibility. It is easy to change objects over in the display case and the top can be lifted off, making it simple to transport for a touring exhibition and returning to their retail space.

Ply Risers

Ply stacking table displays and cubes are a great option for that natural earthy look while allowing you to optimise multiple levels of display areas and heights. In addition, these can be easily transported, they don’t take up too much room and are a great way to showcase and make your product the hero. Here’s an example of a set of 3 ply cubes we recently created.

Pedestals & Plinths

Pedestals and plinths are an easy way to style and maximise the impact of your products. To clearly display your products to their best vantage point a gallery style display pedestal is an ideal solution.

We create a variety of pedestals and plinths and some of the options available include lockable clear cabinetry display, secret touch open drawers for fast restocking and product information storage. These are ideal for use in retail environments, in gallery or at trade events.

Here’s an example of a lockable plinth we have created that is extensively used in retail environments.

Display Tables

One of the creatives we work alongside requested a low-set display table, for holding tools while working. So, we built a steel frame with castor wheels, and some locks so that when it’s in place it doesn’t roll away with the display! We’ve since gone on to create more of these for additional clients which is ideal for low level displays.

How to Brief Your Custom Display Designer & Creator

It’s really important to ensure you achieve the best outcome with your custom display designer and creator. If you’re unsure of exactly the best options for your space or need some creative inspiration have a chat with them as they may think outside the box. They will create options that you may not have considered to maximise traffic flow and visual merchandising which will lead to increased sales.

One of the really important things in delivering quality outcomes to our clients includes using good quality hardware such as drawer runners, push to open cabinetry for accessibility as well as good quality materials to ensure stability. Never compromise on quality as this will be reflected in the outcome you receive.

When we work with our clients, we always aim to achieve the best outcomes to suit their space, their budget and their brand experience. Here are a list of some things to consider before you brief your custom display creator:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What material do you want to use?
  • What colour and finish do you want to have? Does this align to your brand?
  • Does it require additional or hidden shelving, lockable drawers?
  • Do you want it to be simple and uncomplicated with no handles?
  • Does it need to maximise visual impact with clear walls or doors
  • Does it require internal lighting to highlight products on display?
  • Does it need to be portable, light, lockable?
  • What environment or purpose will it be used? For example, in a retail environment, gallery, etc

Tip: If you see something similar or find examples of images of what you have in mind, simply take a photo to help convey what you want to achieve. 

10 Top Tips for Optimising Retail Experiences for Consumers

  1. Keep your retail environment clean and well organised. Don’t clutter fixtures or overcrowd your products.
  2. Increase visual impact by using custom display racks, shelves and cabinets creatively.
  3. Combine display options and fixtures at irregular angles to keep customers engaged.
  4. Prioritise functionality and practicality with easy consumer movement throughout the retail space.
  5. Rotate stock and fixtures regularly. This helps to keep your store fresh, clean and organised.
  6. For improved traffic flow and customer visibility consider using diagonal or grid layouts.
  7. If you’re limited for space, consider using displays that double up as storage.
  8. Create spotlights and focus on key items by using glass-front display cabinets to highlight premium products.
  9. Create small proportional display spaces by using the outer walls of the space effectively.
  10. Allow space for people with disabilities or prams with wide aisles, ramps or handrails if required.

We hope this guide has provided some insights into the options available to you when considering custom display racks, shelves and cabinets for your retail business success.

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