Gallery Quality Display Pedestals

A plinth, or gallery quality display pedestal, does for an object what a frame does for a painting: it gives it gravitas. Or in layman's terms, makes it legit. Plinths are beyond versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways – from spotlighting your products at a launch, to creating an interactive display in a public space, to supporting your latest series of sculptures in a professional display. We know what it takes to get people to focus on your work.

Do your product justice – use a custom exhibition display

For a dealer or curator, how the work is displayed can make or break an exhibition. It’s just as vital as curation, lighting, information and how the space is designed to move people through it. Our high-quality event display pedestals won’t detract from your creative genius, but rather add to it.

Pedestals Installation
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Different types of art gallery display pedestals

Choose from five standard plinths in either black or white, or get something custom made to suit your vision. Standard plinths start at $388 (inc. GST) and vary depending on size, specifications and which delivery option you choose. Plus, for a more secure option, check out our showcase pedestal. With a clear acrylic top unit (400mmH), security screws and a locking tool, you can protect any precious items with ease and simplicity.

Why Kist Displays?

For over 12 years, we’ve supported Australian brands and artists in the creative industry to create eye-catching, memorable displays. Our high-quality plinths and custom timber furniture is designed and made in Melbourne with the intention to last a lifetime. We truly believe that everyone should have access to gallery quality displays, no matter where or when or what.

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