Rethinking Event Displays

Reusing your displays

Now more than ever, businesses are on a budget, and seeking display solutions that can be re-used, and reduce overall budgets.

Create a reusable display

  • Consider a design that packs flat, so it will use minimal storage space to be used again
  • Consult a designer to create display units that can mix and match, or be reconfigured into alternative layouts
  • Question your materials. Does it really need to be heavy duty? What could you do with lightweight materials?
  • Do it differently. Just because trends are calling, how could you kick off your own distinct visual trend?
  • Make it a one product, many functions display! Add drawers, cupboard doors, storage.
Bunjil Nest for Naidoc Week
Bunjil Nest for Naidoc Week.
Continuing to spark conversation after being re-homed in childcare centre’s indigenous garden

What does your Brand want to be known for? Style? Humour? Innovative design? Let this be your guiding light

Creating engagement for the audience

Want people to stay longer?

Having an engaging story about how your display is reusable, considerate of the environment, repurposed from another  use, is a story that your audience will remember after they walk away.

Display pedestals for Specialized events
Display pedestals for events.
Reusable for ongoing events, custom made to receive the latest bicycles, at every location!

Reusable options

Consider the free or low cost options you could source. Many businesses have crates, boxes, etc that you can source for a lower price.

Ping Identity Activation and Travel Case
Event Activation and Travel Case.
With replacable parts, and a lockable case on wheels for local, interstate and international travel.

Recycling a display

Yes! There are so many organisations in need of free or low cost displays.

Alternately, you can create a relationship with a local event hire business. Contact a smaller business, one with eco concerns, use your connections to foster great working partnerships that are a benefit for all.

Suite of display furniture for Historical Museum
Suite of display furniture.
Starting with neutral displays lends the opportunity to reconfigure, stack or select parts for occasion.

Avenues for re-use:

  • Charities and not for profit organisations
  • FB theatre prop and backdrop groups
  • Swap and trade FB groups
  • Contact local council to discuss their needs, could their events/youth/business/education departments use these again, or know people who could?