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The suite of offerings by Kist Displays takes many forms:

  • Customised design and build - from lanterns to boulders, from backdrops to up-the-front retail window displays, we customise to each client's needs. Working in a diverse range of materials to get the results you are looking for.
  • Plinths and pedestals - to bring key products to the fore, boost your promotion with a subtle white plinth, or be specific with a particular finish that complements your brand.
  • Events and promotions - we have created displays for public spaces, retail and trade promotions. Take a look at this gallery to see some of our experiences.
  • Retail displays - from national roll outs to furniture for individual stores, we can manufacture a variety of presentation formats to best highlight your key products.
  • Custom made furniture - specialising in one-off pieces, made to fit and ready to install. Our style ranges from letting natural timbers shine, through to matching the specific pantone colours chosen by the designer.

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Design & build custom displays, furniture, pedestal & plinth specialists

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