Event Checklist

Congratulations! You’re hosting an event, and now want to add personal touches to your guest’s experience. This is an opportunity to add your brand and personality to the venue.

Here is a checklist of key considerations of how props can amplify the experience at your event:

Retail display

  1. The rise of the re-usable retail prop or display furniture well is becoming more popular as the economy continues to weather the global challenges. Businesses have their key products and want to invest in displays that continue to represent their brand and have a longer life than a single event. Creating a custom-made display with:
  • parts that can be stacked
  • sections that can be rearranged
  • top tray that can be filled with different materials for the next event

Are all strategies for making the most out of what is on hand, so they can be used again. Thinking in blocks means your display can double as a side table, for stacking or as a display pedestal to put the promotions on.

Think outside the box and think about custom!

Display plinth
Display plinth with changeable top tray
Set of display plinths
Display plinths with logs and changeable top tray

Event mood

2. The event props, displays and decorations are tools to set the mood for the main event. If you want to go big and bold:

  • ensure you consider the size of the space and how the space will be used around the props
  • consider how guests can safely movement around the props
  • measure height clearance for hanging displays
  • plan what materials/fixings you need to ensure the decorations will stay in place for the whole event
Hospitality display, hanging lanern

Spread the cost

3. Do you have your heart set on a certain display item, but your event stylist doesn’t stock it? It’s always worth asking whether they will consider sharing the cost of a custom-made feature. If you are unlikely to use the display again, it’s possible the stylist will, or knows someone who may be willing to purchase it after the event.

Display plinths

4. Display plinths are an asset when considering how to showcase smaller products. And for larger products, the pedestal serves additional functions, to include:

  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Storage shelving

For added security, a showcase cube of clear acrylic can be locked onto a pedestal while allowing full visual access. Or vitrines for larger, delicate displays where you need the objects to be protected from unwanted handling.

Showcase plinth
Showcase plinth with security bolts

Choosing custom made

Custom made pieces bring a personalised element to an event. Working with a furniture or prop maker provides you with more flexibility and customized details/functions for your custom prop, display furniture so your products can safely take pride of place at your event.

Creating something custom made also gives you more control over the quality and finish. Need help to get the display onsite?

Contact Kist Displays if you need installation and delivery for your event.