Custom display

Work with us to create a custom display, prop or set, made to your specifications and delivered ready to use. As experienced custom display prop  makers, our offering means that you can stand out from the crowd with a tailor made solution. Display your products to their best vantage and create a unique, visually attractive look for your business.

Do you need a custom-made display? If you have a creative brief or concept that you want to bring to life, or are trying to create a certain customer experience, then speak to us about how we might assist you in bringing your concept to life.

Order yours below or call today with your specifications including medium, size and colour required and we will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements with you.

For inspiration, take a browse in our Gallery page. As experienced prop makers, we can make most items, including photographic sets, pedestals, lanterns, fake rock props, and retail furniture - just to name a few!

We are based in Melbourne, and can freight nationally. We are experience in one off displays, through to national roll outs of large quantities.

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